21.12.2011 – Monduran Fishing Update

The short change in the weather dropped the water temperature down to about 24.5 degrees, which didn’t change too much. The rain however did put a small rise in the dam.

The water temperature is now reaching 29 degrees and it will keep going up as summer moves on. Once the water temperature gets to about 29  to 30  degrees the fish will go down deep in the water. You then need to move out from the weed beds and have your boat in much deeper water and use deeper diving lures, preferably ones that will go to ten feet or so. Always remember that your lure needs to be above the barra as they feed upwards.

The wind did get around into the south east and that made it hard to find the barra. Fish the banks where the wind is blowning onto and put your casts close togehter and when you get a touch or a barra then stay their for a period time [30 to 40 mins] and if you don’t get a fish move on slowly and keep the wind at your back.

Lake Monduran Barra Charters and Monduran Anglers and Stocking Association would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.